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Nobograho Pujo

We have nine planets in our horoscope and all the nine planets are having impact in our lives. Our shastra tells us certain bidhi to worship these nine planets in such a manner so that they become satisfied and bless us with prosperity. This includes sankalp, jop, jagya, ahuti and koboj preparation. After the nabagraho puja is accomplished , the jataka has to wear the kabaj to get the protection from the evil. The results are phenomenal.

Gemstone and Rudraksha Therapy

The best remedy in astrology is obviously gemstone and rudraksha. But everybody cannot wear all the gemstone and rudraksh for these a proper horoscope consultation is needed. The gemstone and
rudraksha must be original and authentic. Our gemstone and rudraksha are all ISO certified and original. By wearing these , people got change in their lives within 6 months. You may contact us and wear our gemstone and rudraksha to see the miracle in your life.

Astrology Course

Astrology has many dimensions and it requires self study and research. At our institute , we provide you the detailed step by step guidance on the learning of astrology. Become a certified astrologer today and complete the course at Astrologer Anish Mukherjee Foundation.

Numerology Course

Date of birth is very important and each number is having impact in your life. So know how you will understand a person’s life by analysing his or her date of birth. Astrologer Anish Mukherjee Foundation is providing you the opportunity to become a professional numerologist with its course
and certificate. Enrol today.

Vastu Course

Learn about your Vastu alignment, advise people and correct their vastu also. Become a professional Vastu consultant. Astrologer Anish Mukherjee Foundation is providing you the opportunity to become a professional Vastu consultant with its course and certificate. Enrol today.

Astrologer Anish Mukherjee

8+ years experience in Astrology

About Astrologer Anish Mukherjee

From the childhood, Anish Mukherjee was very curious about astrology and used to read various books and articles about this vedic science. He has completed his Engineering and Masters in Engineering from West Bengal University of Technology with A+ marks. Immediately after his B.Tech degree , he entered into the corporate world as an Engineer. While working he saw the ups and downs in his professional life and at the same time his fellow colleagues’ professional lives. He started researching about the route cause and this gave birth an intense desire to learn astrology. While learning and reading this subject, he was able to perfectly match all the incidents of life with horoscope, planets, houses, dashas. He started predicting his fellow collegues’ lives accurately by seeing their horoscopes. He has completed PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA COURSE in VEDIC ASTROLOGY from INSTITUTE OF VEDIC ASTROLOGY, INDORE with A+ Marks.

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