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1. Does Astrology really work?

Yes, whatever is written in your chart, that will happen. Astrology is the ancient science and sixth part of vedanga. Horoscope tells everything about a person’s PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE life.

2. Is the service chargeable?

Yes , Astrology consultation from Astrologer Anish Mukherjee is a chargeable service.

3. I don’t have birth details. Can you still predict?

– No. To cast a horoscope, your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth are mandatory and that must be accurate.

4. What if your predictions don’t match?

First of all, this question will not arrive after you complete the consultation. You don’t have to tell anything before the consultation. Astrologer Anish Mukherjee will tell everything from your chart and that will be accurate. There are many examples in the prediction section in this website.

5. Why should I consult an Astrologer?

One horoscope is having 9 planets, 12 houses, 27 Nakshatras and Dashas. These impact our lives fully. So good time and bad time keep on coming. So to know in advance about your good and bad time in the context of career, marriage, education, finance,health & Wealth will be a wise decision. An astrologer can only show the proper way in your life when you are confused with your life.

6. Why Astrologers can't see their fate?

Yes Astrologer Anish Mukherjee is a firm believer of Astrology and does all the work based on his own horoscope. Besides working in corporate world , because of his strong yoga to become an astrologer in his chart, he is accurate in all his predictions. That’s why he is an Engineer and an Astrologer.