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Vedic Astrology and Future Predictions and Remedies

Benefic planets in your horoscope will give good result under its dasha and antardasha. It may come at the age of 30 or at the age of 60 also. Example: KFC owner became famous at the age of 60 after lot of failures, Former Ex CM of WB Late Jyoti Basu became CM at the age of 63. So by seeing your horoscope , An astrologer can predict what is your golden time and how to boost that with proper remedial guidance. Use our vedic science in your life.

Life is a stroke of luck. In every sphere of life, you need luck. Starting from education, career, marriage, child birth, income, financial condition, health….in all aspects of life. Horoscope must support your endeavour, your venture, then only success will come. Otherwise how much you try, nothing will happen. Astrology comes as blessings in human life. Those who can utilise it, are the wise people.

Child Birth: This is very important factor in astrology. For this to happen both husband and wife charts are necessary. As it takes complete 1 year to mature so the dasha and antardasha should be of benefic planet so that the complete one year mother stays in good condition. For father’s 5th house condition must be seen.Dasha and antardasha of father’s chart is also equally important. Moreover we have to see the transit and aspect on 5th,11th and 2nd house of both the charts.

Those who are having Sun in 7th house..will not get married or lead an unhappy married life. This is one of the connections of being bachelor/spinster/divorcee/separated. Before marriage pls make ur kundali analysed.

Budhaditya yoga: Sun and Mercury creates this yog, we can see this yoga in many charts but the result does not come. The various reasons are : 1. Degree of sun 2. Degree of Mercury 3. Mercury must not be combusted. 4. Sun must not be marak in chart. 5. Mercury must not be marak in chart. 6. Mercury must not be debilitated. 7. Sun must not be debilitated. 8. Budhaditya yog is not happening in 6th, 8th , 12 th house.

DEPRESSION AND SUICIDAL TENDENCY: Moon is the main indicator of our mental health. Afflicted Moon by Rahu and Ketu/ debilitated moon/ combusted moon or Marak Moon definitely will give birth to Mental ailments. Our horoscopes are made based on Past life Karma and because of this karmic laws, we suffer mental problems due to afflicted moon. This also gives birth of suicidal tendency. Only an astrologer can find out from your chart within 1 minute , how is your mental health, which will take series of counselling for a psychologist to understand. A proper astrologer will always provide you appropriate remedies and will advise you to take proper psychological counselling to combat with this mental illness.

If anybody is having kendra trikone rajyog in horoscope, definitely they will excel in life in terms of money, fame , name under the dasha of that particular planets.

Mars/ketu/Rahu/Sat posited in 7th house, will spoil the married life.

9th house is an important house in horoscope. It is the house of Luck , your father , higher studies, religion etc. From 9 th house , previous birth karma is also seen. 9th house of horoscope needs to be judged efficiently to conclude result.

Many people are asking about GOVT job. Please note it carefully, for getting GOVT job of good post, you need to have strong 10th house. Lord of 10th house need to be powerful. Planets in 10th house need to be yogkaraka. In addition to that D10 chart must support Lagna and chalit chart. And yes, Lagnesh needs to be strong.

Sun and Moon are the 2 important planets in horoscope. Sun represents your body, energy and soul whereas Moon represents your mind. If these two are not strong, then 30% of your horoscope become bad. If your body is not strong and mind is not stable, neither your married life nor your career will sustain for long. So there are many aspects to judge a horoscope. We can see people touch the peak of the career and die in heart attack. So career position might be good in horoscope but health is not. So Health is an important factor in astrology and Medical Astrology is an important chapter in astrology courses.

Movable Signs: 1) Aries 2) Cancer 3)Libra 4) Capricorn Fixed Signs: 1) Taurus 2) Leo 3)Scorpio 4)Aquarius Dual Signs: 1) Gemini 2)Virgo 3) Sagittarius 4)Pisces

Stock market or share market related work/investment is seen from 5th house. Those who are into stock market often ask us..whether i will be successful or not. Never compare anybody in this field with you. Everybody’s Fate is not same especially in stock market. For Growth in Stock Market one should have the below connection in horoscope otherwise how much u try..nothing will happen…so before investing and making loss, proper analysis of horoscope required. Combinations are: 1. Strong 5th house, Jupiter’s aspect in 5th house. Any yogkaraka planet in 5th house and the position of the lord of 5th house. 2. Connection between 2nd and 11th house is called Dhan yog. 3. Lord of 11th house and planets in 11th house. 4. Lord of 2nd house and planets in 2nd house. 5. Bhagyasthan – 9th house. 6. Most importantly 8th house..it is for unearned wealth and sudden gain.

Very interesting and important info: We have 7 days in a week. Do you know why we call it as Sunday, Monday , Tuesday….? I am sure many of you dont know the logic behind this. LOGIC : 1) In Astrology Hora means Hour. 2) In a day we have 24 hours means 24 Horas. 3) We have 7 planets except Rahu and Ketu as we all know. 4) Each Hora or hour is dedicated to a certain planet. 5) The planet which owns the first hour of the day , is the owner of the day. 6) Each Hora is owned by the planets in the following sequence or order – Sun , Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn , Jupiter , Mars. 7) First day will start from Sunday. Example : 1st day is Sunday. so 1st hour of Sunday is occupied by Sun. 2nd hour is occupied by venus. 3rd hour is occupied by Mercury. 4th hour is occupied by Moon. 5th hour is occupied by saturn. 6th hour is occupied by Jupiter. 7th hour is occupied by Mars. 8th hour is occupied by Sun. ( in the same order again) 9th hour is occupied by venus. 10th hour is occupied by Mercury. 11th hour is occupied by Moon. 12th hour is occupied by Saturn. 13th hour is occupied by Jupiter. 14th hour is occupied by Mars. 15th hour is occupied by Sun. ( in the same order again) 16th hour is occupied by venus. 17th hour is occupied by Mercury. 18th hour is occupied by Moon. 19th hour is occupied by Saturn. 20th hour is occupied by Jupiter. 21st hour is occupied by Mars. 22nd hour is occupied by Sun. ( in the same order again) 23rd hour is occupied by Venus. 24th hour is occupied by Mercury. So Sunday gone. In the sequence next hour is 25th or next day first hour…what will be the name of that day? yes 25th hour or next day 1st hour belongs to Moon. The day is Monday. similarly if u see..next day 1st hour belongs to Mars ..so Tuesday…like this.. Hope this was useful info.

If your 2nd house and 11th house and D10 chart is not strong, how much you try, you will not be able to acquire wealth in life. If these are strong definitely wealth will attract you automatically. Any debilitated planet in 2nd and 11th house is not at all good. Those who are having such combination must take remedies.

Crorepati Connection: First of all Dhan yog must be there. Along with Dhan yog, Raj yog must be there. If you have only Dhan yog..you will earn lot of money but you will not be able to enjoy the earned money. If you have Dhan yog and Raj yog together..you will earn money and at the same time you can take pleasure of that money.

Along with Lagna Kundali , Chalit Kundali and below Divisional Charts need to be seen by a proficient Astrologer for accurate prediction. Under SHODASHVARGA , we have total 16 charts to analyse for a person’s life. 1. D1 chart – Lagna Kundali. 2. D2 chart (Hora chart) – Wealth analysis. 3. D3 chart (Drekkana)- Sibling. 4. D4 chart(Chaturthamsha)-Luck. 5. D7 chart(Saptamamsha)-Children. 6. D9 chart(Navamsha)-Spouse 7. D10 chart(Dashamamsha)-Career. 8. D12 chart(Dwadashamamsha)-Parents. 9. D16 chart(Shodashamsha)-Vehicles. 10.D20 chart(Vimshamsha)- religious inclinations. 11.D27 chart(Saptavimshamsha)-Strength. 12. D24 chart(Chaturvimshamsha)-Education. 13.D30 chart(Trimshamsha)-Misfortune. 14.D40 chart(Khavedamsha)- Auspicious Result. 15.D45 chart(Akshvedamsha)- General wellbeing. 16. D60 chart(Shastiamsha)-General well being.

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